Some Up: Feb 15th – 21st

What a year this week has felt.

Article: More than a statistic: how ‘Roby’ fell through Vancouver Island’s cracks (Victoria News)

As BC faced the worst year ever for overdose deaths in 2020, families like those of Roby are left scared and helpless in a quagmire of inefficient and ineffective supports.

Every life lost is a human person. A human person who had someone who knew them, someone who looked for them, someone who cared about them, and each death is a tragedy.

I strongly believe that harm reduction measures need to be implemented, and robust supports need to be available free for anyone who is ready to stop using drugs. Drug addiction is not a moral failing, and each of these deaths were entirely preventable.

Article: Reply All Is Having Its Own Reckoning Now (Vulture)

If you’ve met me, I’m sure I’ve told you how much I love podcasts. It’s also likely I’ve told you that Reply All is my favourite. Until now, I guess.

This is so beyond disappointing. This is so beyond ok. The hypocrisy of creating a standalone series calling out someone else’s toxic workplace culture while actively creating a toxic workplace of your own… I could not be more disappointed.

I respected the journalism of Pinnamaneni and Vogt. I respected their storytelling and dedication. This revelation is devastating.

Article: 5 Disturbing Signs That You Might Not Be An Antiracist After All (Forbes)

This week, I’ve been so incredibly disappointed by people in my larger community. There have been things said that are hurtful to members of so many marginalized communities.

In my own world, I have to own up that I wasn’t always anti racist. As a white girl from suburban Calgary I didn’t meet non-white people, and didn’t know much about the prevalent racism that still exists today. Embarrassingly, I didn’t even learn about the far reaching affects of racism until I was in university.

It is not good enough to learn. It is a constant process of unlearning, listening, learning more, and doing better.

There are many steps to anti-racism but first is always acknowledging the problem.

Further Reading on Racism in Canada:

Reported Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Up 878% In Vancouver: Police

Don’t Believe the Hype: Canada is Not a Nation of Cultural Tolerance

Indigenous Experiences with Racism and it’s Impacts

I am striving to do better every day. I hope you will look in your heart and try to do better too.

Podcast: Should Canada boycott the 2022 Olympics in Beijing? (CBC Frontburner)

There are some very strong cases made for boycotting the upcoming Olympics. While I am loathe to agree with anything O’Toole suggests, to me this idea has merit for further research and discussion.

Awareness Campaign: Freedom to Read Week (Freedom to Read)

As an aspirational librarian, Freedom to Read Week is always a timely reminder that access to information is vitally important. Check out the lists of challenged or banned books!

Article: Facebook is Gambling that Australia Can’t Live Without It. Imagine If We Prove It Wrong. (The Guardian)

This Facebook-Australia head to head has been so interested to watch unfold. There are so many differing opinions (obviously) but it is clear that no one is absolutely sure what will happen next.

And what if Australia was able to hold it’s own against the monolith that is Facebook? What if we were able to take back some power from a company who we have given way too much of our data and our lives?

We’ll see what comes of this, but it’s going to be interesting to watch.

Long Form Podcast: The Apology Line (Wondery)

This six part podcast feels like a mystery, leads you unexpected places, but is at the core, the telling of one woman’s side of a story. It’s about art, connection, obsession, and personal growth. It’s a lot, and it is great.

Video: Is An AIR FRYER Worth the Money? (How to Cook That)

In case you are obsessed with small cooking devices like I am, Anne Reardon has done your homework for you. I think her approach is great! Check it out if you have been pondering getting one.

Article: Is your butter not as soft as it used to be? The pandemic and our urge to bake is partly to blame – along with palm oil (The Globe and Mail)

“I read the most fascinating article about butter!” – me, with not a hint of sarcasm.

A small tan dog white a Mohawk dyed purple looks at the camera. His eyes are brown and his harness is pink.
Here’s Buster! He got a nice haircut and his groomer gave him a bit of colour!

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