Some Up: Feb 22nd-28th

Article: B.C. the Florida of Canada? Epidemiologist says his comparison was meant as a warning (CTV News)

Here in BC, we’re not doing well at following covid restrictions. Allegedly 16% of us BC residents are even planning to travel for spring break.

Listen, if epidemiologists have to tap into Canadian’s anti-American bias to get people to listen for this last stretch before vaccinations are rolled out, I’m fine with it.

Article: The Golden Trump Statue Is the Talk of CPAC. It Was Made in Mexico. (Slate)

I don’t even honestly know where to begin with this one. They literally outsourced their golden idol to Mexico.

This party has become a mockery. And people are STILL voting for them.

Article: Biden is locking up migrant children. Will the world still care with Trump gone? (The Guardian)

A softer face of Biden’s administration does not mean that the issues of the past administration have gone. The treatment of child migrants, and all migrants must be treated with humanity and dignity.

Podcast: A Message from the Staff of Reply All (Reply All)

A follow up on last week’s article.

Article: B.C. student who wore dress over turtleneck sent home for inappropriate attire (CBC)

This is absurd. She is covered from wrist to her neck. Can we stop getting in the way of girls going about their lives for being “distractions”?

Article: Evangelical Leaders Condemn ‘Radicalized Christian Nationalism’ (NPR)

This is so vitally important. Members of all Christian traditions need to call out rising hatred in the ranks of their faith.

Article: The Lies Hollywood Tells About Little Girls (New York Times)

Wilson, the well loved actor, shares her story that is especially pertinent in the light of the new Brittany Spears documentary.

Video: I grew up in the Westboro Baptist church. Here’s why I left. (TED)

This is a fascinating look at one method of de-radicalizing of a member of one of the most damaging “churches” in the United States.

Local Spot: White Heather Tearoom

We took a staycation this weekend and treated ourselves to a to-go high tea from White Heather. The care and attention they paid in organizing these sweet and savoury treats – perfection!

A top down image of a white box filled with dainty fruit cups, pastries, pinwheel sandwiches, and other baked goods.

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