Some Up: March 1st – 7th

Not a ton to report from this corner of the world. I’m in a bit of a podcast drought, so hoping some new finds this week will lend itself to some good recommendations.

As we enter year two of covid, I’m tired and burned out on the coverage, but some days it’s still all I can think about.

So this week, here’s a few things I found interesting or compelling. I hope you’re doing well.

Article: Once-Progressive Friends of Beacon Hill Park used to fight for the Marginalized. What Happened (Capital Daily)

I didn’t know about the founding roots of the Friends of Beacon Hill Park group – but hearing the divisive language they use now, it’s surprising that they came from such compassionate, forward thinking founders.

Article: As CPAC dismisses claims that its stage resembled a Nazi insignia, Hyatt calls hate symbols ‘abhorrent’ (The Washington Post)

As white supremacists and nazis are increasingly comfortable taking to the streets, a reasonable response may be to condemn their behaviour, barring that, it is imperative to make it clear that this is not acceptable in your political party. Or, if you are republican you can do the opposite of both those things.

I don’t honestly know if this was a simple oversight or a dog whistle to the white supremacists these monsters are courting, and the fact that I don’t know is just depressing.

Article: Being a Parent Turned Me Into a Book Censor (The Walrus)

With the recent controversy of the six Dr. Seuss books that were removed from future publication, the responsibilities of public libraries, school districts, and parents all become a bit murkier. This is an interesting look at the quandary families find themselves in.

Article: Crying in H Mart (The New Yorker)

This is a beautiful portrait of grief. Thank you to Zauner for sharing her experience.

Long form podcast: The Lost Kids (UCP Audio)

This is an incredible look at the world of troubled kids, helpless parents, and money making “schools” that do irreparable harm.

Book recommendation: Year of Wonders

As part of my book club, we read this beautiful book by Geraldine Brooks. Heartbreaking, and viscerally moving, I cannot recommend this book enough. Reading it during our current pandemic situation has taken on another level of meaning.

Video: An Antidote to Dissatisfaction (Kurzgesagt)

This is a good reminder this week.

TV Show (again): ALIAS

I am so excited about re enjoying this series! It came up on Disney+, and it is as good as it was the first time around.

Sweet Treat: Below 49 Mini Egg ice cream

This is an incredible treat – highly HIGHLY recommend!!

A top down photo of a light blue ice cream with chopped mini eggs.

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